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 Welcome to the e-shop ANTIFER, s.r.o.

ANTIFER, s.r.o. was founded in 2000 as a consulting and advisory company in the field of ecology, specializing in odorous substances. We deal with odorous substances (including fragrant substances) in a comprehensive way, from the following perspectives:

-       their mutual chemical actions and reactions,

-       physiological (health effects)

-       their removal both from industry and households

-       their further use.

The use of odorous substances is possible in cosmetics, as repellents or, e.g. hazardous gases indicators. We have combined our experience with our interests in nature and hunting and created a Czech product that imitates human sweat in various forms.  Our product is a 1-2% solution of low fatty acids and their aromatic derivatives in various combinations We currently produce 6 different products with various formulations, which have different scents (odours) and in small concentrations in the air they replace the presence of a man for whom the animals have respect.

We have tested our products directly at animal trails, using photo traps. Long-term experience has shown that wild animals become accustomed to the odour after a certain period of time, so the odour needs to be changed after about three weeks. That is why we supply to the market 3 types of Antifer products - red, blue, and green, which should always be swapped after about 2 - 4 weeks to ensure 100% effect.

In 2017, we launched the Antifer odour fence against martens, moles, and rodents.

Long-term experience with odours has led our specialists, who are also chemists, hunters, farmers, and, last but not least, drivers, to research and development of the Czech type of odour fences. The individual odours were tested directly in some hunting areas, at the edges of corn fields, and second class roads in the Central Bohemian and South Bohemian regions. The tests revealed the most effective odours that prevent getting used to them and EFFECTIVELY PROTECT WILDLIFE AND LANDS FOR A LONG TIME.

Our company is an expert on odorous substances.