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Antifer against martens 200 ml keep the marten in the woods!




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The product is characteristic by its unique content of several odours, thanks to which the undesired incidence of martens at the place of application can be prevented. Getting rid of the marten has never been easier.

Instructions for Use:

Apply by spraying the product onto any absorbent material (cloth or cellulose) and place it in place where martens are found. In case of damage committed by martens on your car do not apply to the engine or other parts of your car! The product is effective for a period of approx. 4 weeks, depending on the weather.  Wear protective clothes and protective gloves during the product application. In case of skin or eye contact, rinse thoroughly with water. If swallowed, seek medical help immediately! The product may not be used in any other way than as described in the instructions.  Keep separate from food, drinks, and feeds!.

Composition: Mixture of low fatty acids. The product contains no toxic substances. Active ingredients: 2% of low fatty acids. Disposal: Treat the used packaging as a common sorted waste.