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Question: In which aspect does ANTIFER odour fence differ from similar products and in which it doesn’t?


Antifer odour fence works on the principle of evaporation of a very intense odour that simulates human sweat. Shy forest animals have respect for a human, so they don't dare where they smell human odour.

ANTIFER is popular for its lowest price among odour fences on the Czech market, and also for its simple application.

The six different product variants (6 different types of odours) that we produce for you allow for long-term use without the animals becoming tolerant to the fence. 

Question: Who uses ANTIFER odour fence?


ANTIFER odour fence has a very wide use. It is used, e.g., by hunters alongside the roads and motorways to protect both motorbikes and the animals themselves from collisions on the road. ANTIFER has been popular with farmers, winemakers, hoppers, or gardeners for the protection of their farmland.

Question: How to use ANTIFER odour fences?


ANTIFER is used with an absorbent material by the means of evaporation. Apply the product e.g. by dripping it on a cloth or cellulose, placed in a perforated plastic bag or on carpet strips of approximately 10 x 30 cm, and hang it on posts at the height of 50-100 cm and approx. 20 m apart on the perimeter of the protected area. The product is effective for a period of 14 - 21 days, depending on the weather.  After this time, it is suitable to use a different variant of the three manufactured products (ANTIFER Red, ANTIFER Green, ANTIFER Blue) - each of them contains a different ratio of fatty acids (different odour). In this way you will prevent the wild animals from getting used to one type of odour.  One set of ANTIFER 3*1,000 ml products is able to protect for at least one month a land area of 50 - 80 ha or length of 3km, depending on the terrain roughness.

Tip for you: The optimum height to which you should hang the absorbent material with the product applied is about 1 m (approximately the height of the wild boar's snout). Always adjust the height according to the type of the animals that cause damages to you.

Question: How big area can be treated by ANTIFER fences?


The ANTIFER solution set 3*1,000 ml will be sufficient for the treatment of 3 km of the  treated area perimeter, placing the posts with absorbent material about 20 meter apart .


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