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Set of three types of odours 3*1,000 ml




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Set of 3 l of various odours of the Antifer. odour fence. Sufficient for the treatment of 3 km of the treated area perimeter.

Antifer – solution is used with an absorbent material by the means of evaporation. Apply the product e.g. by dripping it on a cloth or cellulose, placed in a perforated plastic bag or on carpet strips of approximately 10 x 30 cm, and hang it on posts at the height of 50-100 cm and 20-50 m apart on the perimeter of the protected area. The product is effective for a period of 14 - 21 days, depending on the weather.  After this time, it is suitable to use a different variant of the three manufactured products (Antifer Red, Antifer Green, Antifer Blue) - each of them contains a different ratio of fatty acids (different odour). In this way you will prevent the wild animals from getting used to one type of odour.  One set of Antifer 3*1,000 ml products is able to protect for at least one month an area of 50 - 80 ha or length of3 km, depending on the terrain roughness.