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What is ANTIFER Odour Fence
What is ANTIFER Odour Fence



The first Czech odour fence simulating odours of human or large predators, which discourage forest animals from entering agricultural or private areas.

Antifer odour fence is:

  • An effective product that protects agricultural crops, roads, or private objects from unwanted entering of forest animals.
  • an innovative Czech Product, developed by the expert team of experienced chemists
  • Tested by the Forestry and Hunting Research Institute
  • The lowest price on the market
  • Protected by industrial design

Antifer odour fence is used by:

  • Farmers
  • Foresters and gamekeepers
  • Gardeners
  • Road and railway authorities
  • Golf course
  • Towns and cities


Antifer odour fence has a wide range of uses; it is used protect fields, gardens, forests, roads, and golf courses.